Welcome to Auburn University’s Online Bachelor of Computer Science Blog

Welcome to Auburn University’s Online Bachelor of Computer Science Blog

Welcome to Auburn University’s online Bachelor of Computer Science degree blog. Whether you’re a prospective student, current student, faculty or staff member, we’re glad you’re a part of this branch of the Auburn Family, and as director of the program, “Hello and War Eagle!”

Now in its second year, with a current enrollment exceeding 150, our program includes students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including first degree candidates, as well as students who have earned a first bachelor’s degree. We have students already employed in the IT industry, along with students currently pursuing other professions in areas as diverse as pharmacy and the military.

Check this blog periodically for the story behind the story. Here, we’ll share insight into what the folks who put the program together think about it, what the future holds not only for the program, but for the profession, and the role of distance education in today’s economy. To get things started, here are some of the reasons we started this program:

  • We want to increase our ability to impact the nation—and the worldwide information technology community. Auburn is located away from major urban areas. Professionals already established in a community are perhaps less likely to pull up roots and move to our out-of-the-way Loveliest Village on the Plains (as wonderful as it is to those of us who live here) to pursue a degree. Family concerns, employment, and other issues mean that we must come to you rather than the other way around.
  • Computer science is among the academic degree programs most well-suited to online delivery. We do not need extensive laboratory facilities to instruct you in state-of-the-art software development techniques. A laptop on which you can install software development platforms such as our own jGrasp integrated development environment or other leading platforms such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, or Apple Xcode is sufficient for many courses, and we can provide the capability to access advanced computing facilities by remote login.
  • There is tremendous demand in the job market right now for computer science graduates. Since the economic recession of 2008, the enrollment in our on-campus computer science program has tripled, to its highest level since the department was created in 1984. Computer science is a field that remains capable of making the promise to its graduates, “If you do the work and earn a degree, you will find a job.” While it is certainly possible to teach yourself a programming language and even obtain a position based on that skill, if you want to advance in the field, it will prove helpful to have a background in the fundamentals that underlie all computing systems: data structures, algorithms, software engineering, operating systems, networks, and more.

Again, we welcome to Auburn University’s online Bachelor of Computer Science blog. If any of this resonates with you regarding the direction you would like your career to go, feel free to contact me, Richard Chapman, our advisor, or an admissions counselor. Start with our webpage: https://csonline.eng.auburn.edu.