Student Support from the Auburn Family

Once you join the Auburn Family, you’ll receive support from a network of people and resources committed to ensuring your academic journey is as smooth as possible. Both your Admissions Advisor and Academic Advisor will continue to provide support and guidance as you begin your program, helping you to stay connected every step of the way until you graduate.

New Student Online Orientation

All Auburn students are invited to participate in the asynchronous New Student Online Orientation. The goal of the orientation is to help prepare students to succeed as an online student at Auburn University. The orientation covers a variety of topics, including an introduction to Auburn, tips for managing a work/life balance, expectations for the program, policies, and advice for maximizing your online learning experience.

Your academic advisor is your instructor for the orientation and can answer any questions that come up along the way. The New Student Online Orientation truly allows new students the opportunity to acclimate to the online learning management system (LMS), so they are more comfortable with the online classroom and are able to hit the ground running when the term begins!

To earn an online Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Auburn University, transfer students must earn a combined total of 120 credit hours, including 60 hours of Required University courses and 60 hours of computer science courses