Your academic advisor can help you choose and register for courses.  You are assigned to an academic advisor and can view your advisor assignment on the MY Academic’s Tab of your AU Access.  Your advisor is your first point of contact for  questions or concerns that you might have during your time at Auburn. Your advisor can  refer you to different offices on campus and help you succeed at Auburn.

Advising is required each semester for every student within the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University. Advising will take place for the following semester using this schedule:

                        Fall – November 1 – November 30

                        Spring – April 1 – April 30

                        Summer – July 1 – July 30

You will be notified through Advise Assist a couple of weeks before the above dates that you need to sign up for an advising appointment. Once received, please sign up for an advisement appointment as quickly as possible. Doing this will ensure an easy and smooth transition from semester to semester.

Please contact Russell Denney at if you have any questions.

This table depicts one way of taking all twenty computer science (CPSC) courses in as little time as possible, ten Terms. Each Term is 7.5 weeks long. Fall and Spring Semesters are divided into two Terms, called Term A (first half of the semester) and Term B (second half of the semester). Summer semester has only one Term, which starts at the beginning of the semester but ends a little before the full semester.

Courses do not have to be taken in exactly this order, but this order guarantees that all pre-requisites are met.  No course can  be taken before its prerequisites are all met.  All CPSC courses are 3 semester credit hours. If you stick to this schedule, the courses you need will be offered in the term you need them. If you deviate, you may have to wait  for a given course to be offered. Every course is not offered every term,  but unless there are exceptional circumstances, every course is offered at least every other term. You do not have to take a full load — you may take one, two, or no courses in any given term. Note that the selection of available electives in any given semester will be limited to a subset of the listed electives; we do not have the instructor resources to offer all the electives every term.

Sample Schedule

Term1 Term2 Term3 Term4 Term5 Term6 Term7 Term8 Term9 Term10
CPSC 1213
CPSC 1223
CPSC 1233
CPSC 3273
CPSC 3283
CPSC 3353
CPSC 3703
CPSC 5333
CPSC 5213
CPSC 5343
CPSC 3243
CPSC 3303
CPSC 4733
CPSC 2713
CPSC 3333
CPSC 5123
CPSC 5133
CPSC 5203
CPSC Elective
CPSC Elective

Course Availability

The diagram below shows our current best estimate of which courses will be offered in which terms. This diagram of projected course offerings is tentative, and Auburn University reserves the right to change them at any time for any reason.

Jan Term Mar Term May Term Aug Term Oct Term
CPSC 1213 CPSC 1223 CPSC 1213 CPSC 1213 CPSC 1223
CPSC 1233 CPSC 2713 CPSC 1233 CPSC 1223 CPSC 1233
CPSC 2713 CPSC 3273 CPSC 3243 CPSC 2713 CPSC 3283
CPSC 3243 CPSC 3283 CPSC 3283 CPSC 3243 CPSC 3303
CPSC 3273 CPSC 3303 CPSC 3333 CPSC 3273 CPSC 3333
CPSC 3353 CPSC 3333 CPSC 3353 CPSC 3303 CPSC 3703
CPSC 4733 CPSC 3703 CPSC 4733 CPSC 3353 CPSC 4733
CPSC 5123 CPSC 5133 CPSC 5123 CPSC 3703 CPSC 5133
CPSC 5203 CPSC 5213 CPSC 5203 CPSC 5123 CPSC 5203
CPSC 5213 CPSC 5343 CPSC 5333 CPSC 5133 CPSC 5333
CPSC 5333 TBD (Elective) CPSC 5343 CPSC 5213 CPSC 5343
TBD (Elective) TBD (Elective) TBD (Elective) TBD (Elective) TBD (Elective)

Prerequisite Structure