Is Completing Your Bachelor’s Degree Worth It Financially?

Is Completing Your Bachelor’s Degree Worth It Financially?

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Choosing to complete your bachelor’s degree is an exciting step for your career. Data shows that workers with a bachelor’s degree consistently earn more than their peers who only hold an associate degree.1 Although the value of a bachelor’s degree is clear, there can be some anxieties involved with choosing to go back to school.

The most important consideration for a lot of students is cost. College isn’t cheap, no matter where you go, and tuitions are on the rise.2 The good news is that Auburn University is committed to making your education affordable. Not only that, but an Auburn education is an investment in your future, and in your ability to garner a higher salary over the course of your career. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider whether completing your bachelor’s degree is worth it.

Financial Aid May Be Available

First and foremost, any student considering pursuing a degree should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Additionally, Auburn University offers select financial resources for students that attend classes at our university or online. Do your research and don’t be afraid to use our financial aid office as a resource. Check out our financial aid page for more details.

The Money You Spend Now Is an Investment

Workers with bachelor’s degrees consistently outearn their counterparts who hold an associate degree.1 The disparity is pronounced with inexperienced workers, where the premium on a bachelor’s degree is as much as 30 percent greater pay right out of college. But that’s not all: As time goes by and your experience accrues, the pay disparity increases as well. After ten years, a worker with a bachelor’s degree will outearn what they could have made with an associate degree in the same job by as much as 62 percent.3

Make Your Investment Count

When you choose to study at Auburn, you’re choosing one of the Top 50 Public Schools as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.4 And that’s not the only accolade we’ve received. Check out what sets the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering apart.

When you think about finishing your bachelor’s degree and pursuing the next big step in your career, you should do so with as much security as you can possibly have. At Auburn, you can be sure that your investment will come back to you multiplied by your experience, dedication and hard work.

The cost of going back to school can be nerve-wracking, but with the flexibility and affordability of Auburn’s BCS program, the money you spend now is likely to come back to you multiplied in greater earnings throughout your lifetime.

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