3 Reasons to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

To earn your bachelor’s degree or not to earn your bachelor’s degree, that is the question—and it’s a good one. The decision to attend college can play a significant role in your career outcome and your overall future. And while the importance of education is generally understood, its true value within the workforce is still debated.

Before we go further, consider these statistics:

  • College grads have a 14.8% higher employment rate than high school grads
  • College grads average $549 more in weekly earnings than high school grads1

Simply put, earning a bachelor’s degree makes a person more likely to be employed and more likely to earn a higher salary.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Reasons to get a Bachelor's degree in computer science graphic

A degree in computer science is no exception to the statistics shown above. For those who are unsure if completing their Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) degree is the best decision for their career and future, we’ve outlined three ways in which a BCS could greatly impact your life for the better.

1: Building a Solid Foundation

“There are many paths to the same solution.” This is an argument that self-taught programmers frequently use to justify their decision to forego higher education. But while it’s possible to teach yourself the skills needed to work in the computer science field, it’s not easy, and there are key lessons you may not even know to explore. Earning your degree guarantees that you’re using tried and proven methods and approaches. And by completing a formal degree program, you’ll also create a network of like-minded professionals and learn from professors with a history of success within the field.

2: Getting Past the First Interview

Demand is high, and increasing, in the computer science field. Holding a BCS degree gives recruiters, HR professionals and employers confidence that they’re hiring someone with the fundamental skills needed to get the job done. Also, some bigger companies will not even consider a candidate without a bachelor’s.2

3: Financial Stability

Salary projections for computer science graduates are among the most promising for recent graduates in any field on a yearly basis. In fact, the $65,540 average starting salary enjoyed by computer scientists is second only to that of engineers (by a mere $500 per year on average) and thousands of dollars ahead of any other academic discipline.3

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